Cooperated in the demonstration of In-Camera VFX using "2.5D" space at the Kadokawa Daiei Studio briefing.

Studio Bros. Inc. and Sony PCL Corporation are partners in the C-Infinity virtual production studio initiative, newly opened by Kadokawa Daiei Studio Inc. on April 1, 2024.

At a studio briefing held for the media, we cooperated in the production and demonstration of In-Camera VFX using "2.5D" space as a new shooting method, and our member, Mr. Tamura, took the stage.
Tamura gave a presentation on how complex camera work that requires large LEDs can be done by combining 2.5D space with an optimized shooting space to achieve efficient CG scene production, utilizing the characteristic LEDs of the lifting and elevating type.

The details of the presentation are introduced in the media below. Please see