Inter Bee 2023 Seminar Presentation

JInter BEE 2023 AWS出展ブースセミナー「バーチャルプロダクションにおけるAWS活用・制作から撮影まで」|開催日時 2023.11.15(水) 12:20-13:00

We will be giving a presentation as an AWS partner at the Inter Bee 2023 AWS exhibit booth on the use of cloud computing in the field.

AWS in Virtual Production, from Production to Filming

  • Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 12:20-13:00
  • Venue: Makuhari Messe Hall 4 [4615], Video Production/Broadcasting Equipment Division, Amazon Web Services Japan, LLC booth

Under the theme of "Create. Deliver. Monetize.", the AWS booth will feature presentations on cloud-based solutions for "Content Production", "Broadcast", "Media Supply Chain & Archive", "Direct-to-Consumer & Streaming", and "Data Science & AI/ML". Together with nine partners, Studio Bros. will introduce technologies and solutions that support the operation of critical workloads using the cloud in "Content Production," "Broadcast," "Media Supply Chain & Archive," "Direct-to-Consumer & Streaming," and "Data Science & AI/ML.

In a special program on stage where Studio Bros. will take the stage, we will provide examples of actual cloud utilization in various scenes and workflows such as production, confirmation, and shooting of virtual productions, efficiency improvements, and the possibilities that will be expanded by the utilization of the cloud.

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